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Những kiến thức cần biết khi sử dụng thể bị động (PASSIVE VOICE)

Thể bị động dùng như thế nào? Những điểm cần chú ý khi đổi từ thể chủ động sang bị động.

1. Hình thức của thể bị động (passive voice)


Ex: English is (be) spoken (PP) in this class

2. Các thì của thể bị động (passive voice)

No Tenses Structure Example
1 Present simple am / is / are+PP English is spoken here
2 Present continuous am / is / are / being+ PP A letter is being written
3 Past simple was  /  were  +  PP I wasn’t invited to the party
4 Past continuous was  /  were  / +  being  +  PP The house was being painted
5 Present perfect has  /  have  /  been  +  PP This cake has been made
6 Past perfect had  +  been  +  PP Peter had been told
7 Simple future will  +  be  +PP Everything will be done
8 Near future (be going to) am / is / are + going to be + PP My car is going to be washed
9 Modal verb can / could / must / may / should …+  be  +  PP This report should be written carefully

3. Cách đổi một câu từ thể chủ động sang thể bị động (Active Voice to Passive Voice)

Muốn đổi một câu từ thể chủ động sang thể bị động , ta làm như sau:

Bước 1: Lấy tân ngữ (object) của câu chủ động làm chủ ngữ (subject) của câu bị động.

Bước 2: Xem động từ chia trong câu chủ động ở thì nào, ta chia động từ TO BE ở thì đấy, rồi viết động từ chính ở dạng quá khứ phân từ. (past participle)

Bước 3:   Lấy chủ ngữ (subject) của câu chủ động làm tân ngữ (object) của câu bị động , viết giới từ “by” ngay trước tân ngữ đó. (by + O)


4. Những điểm cần chú ý khi dùng thể bị động (Passive Voice)

4.1 Ta chỉ đổi từ câu chủ động sang câu bị động , khi động từ trong câu chủ động có tân ngữ (object)

Ex: They wrote the letter (O) (active)
The letter was written (by them) (passive)

4.2 Trạng từ hoặc cụm trạng từ chỉ nơi chốn (adv of place) đứng trước (by + O)

Ex: He was found in the forest (adv of place) by the police (by + O)

4.3 Trạng từ hoặc cụm trạng từ chỉ thời gian (adv of time) đứng sau (by + O)

Ex: The report was typed by the secretary (by + O) this morning (adv of time).

5.  Bài tập áp dụng

5.1 Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form:

1. All the information _____________often ______________ in the computer. (store)

2. The movies _________________________ now. (show)

3. The key ________________________ in that box yesterday. (keep)

4. Cheese ________________________ from milk.  (make)

5. The grass _________________________ once a week. (cut)

6. The local bank ________________________ two days ago. (rob)

7. She _____________________ by Miss Vy when she was at the primary school.  (teach)

8. That actress _______________________ by many journalists now. (photograph)

9. These young coconut trees will _________________________ in that area. (plant)

10. Can French _____________________ in this school? (speak)

5.2 Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence:

1. The children __________________ to be homeless.

A. reported

B. is reported

C. are reported

D. are reporting

2. Is everything ready? – Dinner _______________ in the dining room.

A. is serving

B. is being served

C. serves

D. being served

3. The longest fish in the contest ______________ by Mr. Robinson.

A. was caught

B. was catching

C. caught

D. was being catching

4. Many new roads _______________ in this city last month.

A. are built

B. will be built

C. were built

D. was built

5. The parcel will ______________ to your friend’s house by post.

A. send

B. sending

C. be sending

D. be sent

6. Many American automobiles _______________ in Detroit, Michigan.

A. manufacture

B. are manufacturing

C. have manufactured

D. are manufactured

7. At that time the table _________________.

A. was laid

B. was being laid

C. is laid

D. has laid

8. ______ the students _____________ about the changes of their timetable yet?

A Has, been told

B. Have, been told

C. Was, told

D. Were, told

9. Can English _______________ at the club?

A. be spoken

B. is spoken

C. being spoken

D. is being spoken

10. I ______________ to parties very often.

A. not invite

B. am not invite

C. be not invited

D. am not invited

5.3 Change the following sentences into passive voice:

1. My mother often prepares breakfast very early.

Breakfast ______________________________________________________.

2. We found these boxes in his house.

These boxes ____________________________________________________.

3. Someone has warned us not to go out alone.

We ___________________________________________________________.

4. The journerlist was recording our conversation yesterday.

Our conversation ________________________________________________ 

5. The media are going to attack the minister.

The minister ____________________________________________________

6. You should finish the report by Friday.

The report ______________________________________________________

Đáp án:

5.1 Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form:

1. is often stored                                                      

2. are being shown                                                   

3. was kept                                                               

4. is made                                                                 

5. is cut                                                                    

6.  was robbed

7.  was taught

8.  is being photographed

9.  be planted

10. be spoken

5.2 Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence:

1. C

2. B

3. A

4. C

5. D

6. D

7. B

8. B

9. A

10. D

5.3 Change the following sentences into passive voice:

1. Breakfast is often prepared by my mother very early

2. These boxes were found in his house

3. We have been warned not to go out alone

4. Our conversation was being recorded by the journerlist yesterday.

5. The minister is going to be attacked by the media.

6. The report should be finished by Friday.

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